21 Years Justice Travesty,a Kenya Railways Cooperation Rip Off.

Greetings to all.Pan Africans

We call for International Support.

The attached below is our letter / Petition to the Chief Justice Hon David Maranga dated 26th March,2019.

The letter highlight how United Kingdom Government in 1997 gave a grant of Pound  21,841,427 /= to settle over 22,000 Workforce of Kenya Railways Cooperation,we have highlighted how Uganda Case and  Tanzanian Cases were finalized and how it related to Kenya. 

The petition highlight how corruption and underhand dealing have crept back to Kenya Judicially (Fastracking Process) especially a vedict by Justice Nzioki Wa Makau  which he lifted Interlocutory Orders within it  targeting housing rent(Over 9000 Pensioners and Retirees faces evictions in two weeks,) the Orders which was agreed in Collective Bargaining Agreement(1998) issued by Justice Ari Aroni and J Msagha,In December 2018, Justice Nzioki Wa Makau directed by Chief Justice to sit for a week in Nairobi and finalized old cases,instead of fastracking the matter he opened a loophole which exposes the said grouping to evictions granted that by year 2010 most of Kenya Railways lands and assets have been sold and non refundable down payment made,thus how the Muthurwa Resident through Katiba Institute and the (Compromised Kituo Cha Sheria) ended up in Court.

We have attached copied of how Ministry Of Transport and Ministry of Lands directed  Kenya Railways Corporation (State Cooperation )formed an entity known as Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Beneffit Scheme (KRSRBS) which they purported to grant 17 estates  worth over 21 Billion (2006 Alexandor Forbes Audit) to cater for Pensioners needs,you can see the assets/lands were in real sense 21, cureently over 12 assets have been sold  and pensioners going for almost five months without pension.

Its interesting to note that the KRSBRS-Scheme has been claiming to represent the interest of over 9500 exaggerated out of the 22,000 initial workforce, this has been a ploy by cartel,which formed the scheme in 2006.Since the formation of the said scheme it has only managed to hold 5 Aual General Meetings which attendance has never reached over 1000 people,its a fraud of highest magnitude.Cartels have been amassing and swindling the purported schem since its formation in 2006.

We have copied the petition to World Bank and several government institution ,granted that World Bank -Kenya Office is also involved in this scam,i.e the Award of Ksh.5Billion to GIBBS International Ltd (A shell Company) with no directors. to undertake the feasibility studies where by last year they undertook household surveys in Muthurwa and Landi Mawe for relocation and resettle ment.

We call for support t organize all groupings related to KRC /Scheme and Rift Valley Railways workers,whom have been disputing the sales and being left out.
As of today 28th March the counsel Mr. Greg representing over 12,000 Pensioners and retrenchess has been served with eviction notice.We humbly request for your interventions,i.e share the copy of the attached petition with Media / those with connection with the Chief Justice office request he review and form a three bench judge to finalize this matter alternatively help us file for a public interest litigation to challenge the ownership of those 21 parcel of land as attached 

View also  Hansard Report  NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OFFICIAL REPORT Thursday, 31st March, 2011

The responce by the then Minister on how the KRC formed the Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme(KRSRBS) 

+254 723033334 /0775914444

Patrick Kamotho.
Bunge La Mwanainchi 


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