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Zibambwe: Mnangagwa’s wealth, has allegedly been supplemented by illicit mine deals in the DRCCongo.

Reputedly ‘Zimbabwe’s richest’ man. Zanu-PF heir-in-waiting Emmerson Mnangagwa was a few years ago described as ‘Zimbabwe’s richest man’ by Wikileaks cables written by a US ambassador in 2001. The cables, however, shied away from estimating his wealth in numbers. “Regarded as the wealthiest individual in Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa has close business links with Colonel Lionel Dyck, a white officer from the old Rhodesian army who founded Mine Tech, a landmine clearance company that secured lucrative contracts from the Zimbabwean government to clear landmines in Zimbabwe border areas after the war,” Wikipedia said in a post updated after Mnangagwa was appointed vice-president in December 2014. Various sources, including Zimbabwean and UK media outlets, allege Mnangagwa made much of his money while he was secretary for finance in Zanu-PF. This, according to the the United Nations Security Council reports in 2002 and 2003, was supplemented by his involvement as one of the illegal mi

Kenya: Kwale Titanium Mine was to be launched in 2013

Australian diversified junior miner, Base Resources Ltd.'s titanium unit in Kenya aims to start mining in 2013, ending years of uncertainty over the project, a company official said on Monday. Joe Schwarz, the general manager of Base Titanium, said in a telephone interview he expected the ongoing feasibility study at the project to be concluded by early 2011, and an estimated $200 million to be raised next year to kickstart the mine. The project on Kenya's sweltering Indian Ocean coast has been held up for years by delays including demonstrations by environmental groups, disputes with local farmers over compensation for land and drawn out talks with the government. Schwarz said so far Base Titanium had yet to sign agreements with buyers of its minerals, but said the exports would likely be destined to China, U.S. and Europe.  "Once we have the green light on the final investment decision, building the plant will take 18-21 months and we would be able to start pro

Calculations: Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

Calculations: The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was 295 PPM in 1900. It is now about 305 PPM.  CO2 has an average lifetime of 100 - 120 years in the atmosphere.  1 PPM of CO2 in atmosphere = 2.13 Gt (billions of tons) of carbon. 375 PPM - 295 PPM = 80 PPM. 80 X 2.13 billion tons = 170.4 billion tons. Conclusion: There are 170.4 billion more tons of CO2 in the atmosphere now than in 1900.  Join us  @EaccNet

The Carbon Crooks – Movie

The Carbon Crooks – Transcript For decades, world leaders have struggled to reduce carbon emissions. The result is a vast and complicated system in which pollution has become a commodity Carbon credits have become part of the financial market. Carbon credits have become part of the financial market. In order to buy and sell the credits, one must be registered as a carbon trader. Reporter: Was it a good business? Daniel Butler: In the early days it was a good business. I could make roughly around 50,000 € in five minutes. Also the criminals saw opportunities in carbon credits. Rob Wainwrigth: We saw organized crime moving into this market to carry out sophisticated online attacks of VAT fraud – coming to losses to around 5 billion Euros a year. The market for carbon credits was created to curb global warming. But carbon emissions have never been higher in the history of mankind. Jørgen Henningsen: The European carbon credit market has de facto collapsed. T