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Jamhuri Day Boxing Tounarment.

REPORT OF JOSHUA NDERE: JAMHURI DAY BOXING TOURNAMENT HELD AT MUTHURWA MARKET On 12 TH -Dec,2011. INTRODUCTION Muthurwa Dallas Community is composed of both the tenants and hawkers working within the Muthurwa Market and nearby area, the residents who form the bulk of the community are estimated to be about 4,300 according to 2009 National censures. Their social economic is pegged mainly small scale trade and former workers of Kenya Railways Cooperation’s that is pensioners, ritirees and retrenches. The estate is viewed as old and dilapidated due to negligence. The estate is famous for several key historical achievements it’s the oldest estate in Nairobi, has a gazzetted Mosque under the National Heritage. Its fame was through pugilism countless medals have been achieved by the sportsmen and women from the estate, the estate was famously recognized as “Dallas Mercenary” Its noteworthy to know that Muthurwa Estate has a land mark case on Bill of Rights- Article 43(1)(b) and 28 of Ken