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Tragedy of White Nile River: Politics,Land,Climate Change in South Sudan.

By: Gabriel Makuei Tor, JUBA,  The natural resources in South Sudan (S.S.) have been defiled, so stop  singing the “virgin land” song, like “a baby nation” clause in the  mouths of S.S. corrupted officials. In our times when we were kids,  way before 2nd civil war kicked in between South and North Sudan, over  30 years ago, there were rare cases of sickness and natural death.  Though we were drinking right direct from the rivers and rain waters,  we still remained healthy than a kid living on the same today, but  those days were true in their own style than these days!  So what happened? What has changed? To answer these questions, you may  have your own answers but let’s read through here below:  You heard of the climate change; the religion of the 21st century.  That everything we use has an effect and limitation, even the sun and  the waters of the Seas. The air, soil and water are being polluted by  human activities globally and here is looking through S.S. windo