Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kyoto Protocol’100 Programmes of Activities (PoAs

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The Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism (CDM) has now registered
more than 100 Programmes of Activities (PoAs). The milestone was passed on
a day that saw the registration of seven PoAs: a small-scale solar project
in Thailand (8457); small-scale hydro projects in China (8259) and Brazil
(7062); a solar LED project in Kenya (7489); cookstove projects in Mexico
(8521) and in eight African countries (7359); and a renewable energy
project in China (8526).

More than 25 per cent of all registered PoAs are located in Africa,
compared to just 2 per cent of regular CDM projects.

“For most LDCs, especially in Africa, single CDM projects are often too
small to be viable,” said Peer Stiansen, Chair of the CDM Executive Board.
“The recent growth in numbers shows that PoAs are overcoming this barrier
and extending the benefits of the CDM to regions not previously able to
take advantage of the mechanism.”

Since the PoA procedures were adopted by the CDM Executive Board in 2007,
116 have been registered in 42 countries and more than 250 are currently in
the PoA pipeline. Of the active PoA projects, 60 per cent have entered the
pipeline since the beginning of 2012.

Under PoA, an unlimited number of similar project activities, over a wide
area or region, can be administered under a single programme umbrella. They
are particularly suited to small-scale or micro-scale projects. After a PoA
is registered, similar projects can be added over time without the need to
register each one individually, reducing transaction costs and making the
CDM more attractive and more accessible to least developed countries

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