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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Over 100 years of the Kenya Gazette goes live on Google

Over 100 years of the Kenya Gazette goes live on Google

Hot on the heels of our recent grant to digitize Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu’s archives, efforts to digitize art museums around the world, and bringing Holocaust archives in Jerusalem online comes another fascinating development, this time in Kenya.

Google’s mission has always been about democratizing access to information, and Africa is no exception. The Internet is growing fast, and presents new ways to preserve and share information online. We believe that huge benefits can be derived by bringing Africa’s rich historical and cultural heritage online, and making it more accessible and useful.

We’re excited to announce that from today, historical copies of the Kenya Gazette (dating back to 1906) will be searchable and viewable, for free, via Google Books. The Gazette is a weekly official government publication, containing important notices such as government appointments, as well as individual notices that are required to be made public by law.

The records contain information of enormous value to Kenya’s social, legal and political heritage. They range from the laws and policies of the British settlers in the Colony and Protectorate of East Africa, to the lead up to the birth of the Republic of Kenya; from the declaration in 1952 of the Mau Mau as an unlawful society, to the lifting of the declaration in 2003. 

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