Saturday, 17 December 2011

Jamhuri Day Boxing Tounarment.



Muthurwa Dallas Community is composed of both the tenants and hawkers working within the Muthurwa Market and nearby area, the residents who form the bulk of the community are estimated to be about 4,300 according to 2009 National censures. Their social economic is pegged mainly small scale trade and former workers of Kenya Railways Cooperation’s that is pensioners, ritirees and retrenches. The estate is viewed as old and dilapidated due to negligence.

The estate is famous for several key historical achievements it’s the oldest estate in Nairobi, has a gazzetted Mosque under the National Heritage. Its fame was through pugilism countless medals have been achieved by the sportsmen and women from the estate, the estate was famously recognized as “Dallas Mercenary”

Its noteworthy to know that Muthurwa Estate has a land mark case on Bill of Rights- Article 43(1)(b) and 28 of Kenya Constitution. On economic and social rights.

Recently Joshua Ndere the 3rd Ranked Africa light heavy weight, a boxer from the community died in a road accident, the community requested a memorial boxing tournament in his honor during the 48th Jamhuri Day.

The main objectives of the boxing event was to commemorate the life and times of this sporting icon, reclaiming Dallas Muthurwa Social Hall a recreational facility that has been illegally taken over by the City Council of Nairobi.

Through this event it was to be a climax of revival of boxing in Nairobi eastlands areas, the conveners managed to hold the event in an open air space to motivate and entertain thousands of eastlands community.


In Kenya boxing sport is faced with myriad problem that led to division, 2 bodies established run the sport, the Muthurwa Team is coached by group affiliated to Nairobi Metro group while the mother boxing secretariat is managed by Amateur Boxing Association, we choose to engage the mother group.

The Financial support was to hold Joshua Ndere: Jamhuri Day Boxing tournament hence the financial support was submitted 2 Days before the event thus causing uncoordinated event,  efforts and support from community helped us to have a major successful event.

The sporting activity was identified together with the items that would be needed during the event. The suppliers were identified who would provide boxing ring, awards, gloves, gum shields, bell, First Aid, Security, and water.

The City Council Officer and Eastlands Matatu managers tried to sabotage the event after the ring has been mounted they stopped the event and overcharged us by re-negotiating the open space fees, from the initial 2500 to 7000Ksh.

The Joshua Ndere: Jamhuri Day Boxing tournament was played mainly by boxers from the Muthurwa community, the “seconders”, side ring judges and the center referees were from the community, young women’s too had some roles during the tournament to cheer and to motivate the contestants. The finance persons had to ensure that all the requisitions were made on time the participation certificates and cash awards were made ready for the contestants.

The event programme was restructured and more contestants were included the speakers of the day was confirmed.

Finally, the logistics of the entire event was clearly established and an impromptu fundraising was done to supplement the financial support from Akiba Uhaki Foundation final touches were made regarding the role of each person.


Each bout.

From the 9 initial planned bout and the inclusion of 3 more bouts which pitied the heavy weight category, each bout was timed to last for 3 minutes, with a maximum of 3 rounds.

The Center referee was a lady whom is a Internationally accredited referee.

The tournament began a bit late due to ring mounting and the strong sunshine which was unbearable.

Awards and Certificates

Each winner in junior bout was awarded 500Ksh and the runners-up 300 Ksh. The senior category winners were awarded 1500Ksh and runners-up 1000Ksh.

Each bout, a winner was accorded a certificate signed by Suleiman Bilali,HSC. Patrick Kamotho Chairman.

Different boxers were awarded certificates and cash awards by key personality recognized for his role in sporting world.

St.John Ambulance.

A fully equipped ambulance with 4 First Aiders was at hand to attend the contestants, several concussions, headaches, fainting and nose bleeding.

              Media Campaign.

The Joshua Ndere: Jamhuri Day Boxing tournament event was captured by three independent media houses, Patrick Kamotho was interviewed about the objectives of the tournament, the interventions requested and the general needs from the youths..

The participants also captured the event via phones cameras and still photographers were at hand, the event was also aired in Ghetto Fm station for 2 days.


Special thanks to Fahamu secretariat for mobilizing media for this event and also in physical hosting us in regards to financial transactions


Following the success of the Joshua Ndere: Jamhuri Day Boxing tournament the number of youngster from the community have embarked in training waiting for the forth coming 26th-December,2011 Boxing tournament on welcoming a new peaceful election year.

Parents from Muthurwa have requested to fundraise for support to hold another major boxing tournament.

Self esteem was established to youngsters and adults whom viewed the games from the ringside.

We were able to organize the open air boxing game and mobilize youth’s from 4 eastlands constituencies including the women in sporting field this also assisted us to potray boxing game as a source of income generating.

Through this sporting event the area District Officer and several key business personalities have indicated the willingness to support the youths efforts in holding future sporting events.

The youths from the community managed to send their message strongly and creating awareness through the opportunity in their quest to reclaim the Muthurwa Dallas Social Hall.


The project urgency led to poor planning and uncoordinated efforts were realized, such as the event was not well advertised to major media houses.

The organizer did not have a physical hosting address so we had to rely on Fahamu organization which came in to host us and offer technical advice.

The event had to commerce after the president speech which was happening in Nyayo Stadium and aired throughout the nation.

Time management- activities did not begin and end at the right time as a result; there were some inconveniencies and delays of the planned program, the boxing ring and sports kits were delivered late.

Bouts were delayed due to sharing of sporting uniform where one contestant had to wait the contesting partner to complete his bout before he changes for him to use the same kit that is vest, shorts and the ring boots

Lack of a proper coordination at the venue-, there was a lot of confusion of the activities as some contestants remained stranded not knowing whom are they partnering with. Moreover after the tournament several supporting fans requested to be facilitated for their efforts in crowd managing and preparations.

With Each bout the contestant had 2 seconders, whom were also to be financially catered for.


The Boxing tournament was a success and the event was well attended by hundreds of eastlands commuters and residents, it has been acknowledged far and wide for being a very powerful tool to mobilize youth in provoking their attitudes and consciousness.

We have learned that through sporting venture a strong movement of youngsters can be formed to address social justice issues.

Young women must be approached and be assisted in pro actives sports such as boxing and self defense.

It is our prayer that the civil society will incorporate their work objectives towards helping the youths in this country by supporting their initiatives.

Such a memorable event must be branded to avoid political interferences.

Media briefing and pre-tournament events must be highlighted to create a strong following.

We plan to have several boxing tournaments before we begin charging a minimal fee to sustain the regular events.

We are also considering registering a youthful sporting organization named. “Muthurwa Dallas Community-Games People “organization.

We anticipate in near future to reclaim the Muthurwa Dallas Social Hall through the intervention of the Hon.Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga S,C.Thereby we plan to partner together in managing the facility.

Having held this successful event we are of the view we hold another major event before the year ends, to reclaim the Muthurwa Dallas Social Hall, in this event we plan to collect signatures from about 5000 People whom will be supporting our quest to own and manage the Muthurwa Dallas Social Hall.  


Report compiled by

Patrick Kamotho Githinji.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Community Procession against forced evictions in Kenya.

Organizing communities in Nairobi for a major street procession on friday 18th-Nov-2011 against the ongoing forceful evictions and demolishions,the procession begins at 8.30am from Landhies Road- Rd-Haile Sellassie to Highcourt Milimani,from High court at 11.30am towards the Office of the President / Attorney General Republic of Kenya.Amoung the issues the petitioners will highlight will be -Stopping immediately the illegal/leasing/ sale/Developing of state cooperations (Kenya Railways Cooperation, Posta,KGGCU, KFA,Rivatex, Mumias,Sony,Breweries,Nyayo Bus Cooperation) land and assets,address the high rate of unemployment/Stopping the exercutive from mutilating the new constitution/address the escalating basic commodities prizes/Immediately stop the allocation of 1.2Billion for Nairobi City, Local Authority Transfer Fund(LATF) establish urgently terminate the 1929 colonial Nile Treaty,establish immediately the bill on Environmental issues focussing and addressing the climate Change issues in the country.

Circulate this to all media outlets and networks,any comments/ideas that you feel must be included kindly send them titled PETITION.
Thank You all

Patrick Kamotho
Fahamu Pan African Fellow.

Baraza la Taifa