Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sad documentary from BBC about the "Slaves of Dubai" , migrant workers.

Slaves of Dubai 

http://documentaryh of-dubai- documentary/ 

Ben Anderson from BBC films this documentary in Dubai, the City of Gold daring to defy nature. To many, Dubai is an impossible dream come true, a megalopolis rising from sterile desert sands within a mere decade. Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai's absolute monarch is often credited for being the dreamer of the many iconic skyscrapers and opulence that has put his city on the map.

His name is synonymous with architectural wonders like the Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. But who really built them? Follow Ben Anderson as he documents Dubai's open secret: A caste system lies hidden in plain sight. At the lowest rung sit the underclass, a group of imported modern-day slaves trapped upon arrival. They come from the Indian subcontinent, lured in by tales of high-paying jobs and a lavish lifestyle. 

Then they land. Their passports are swiftly taken and withheld, and they find themselves prisoners. They are forced to labor virtually unpaid in paradise. Meet the Slaves of Dubai, those who build all the glitz and glamour brick by brick, as each additional floor towers into the desert sun.

I was in Dubai 15 years ago about three times. When I saw what was happening there, I decided never to go to Dubai again. Happily there are so many other destinations to visit and I have no desire to drop in to Dubai at all. Nor do I care for their fake designer goods in their boring shopping malls with plastic biggest this and plastic biggest that - where is their biggest mad hose then?


  1. Do you know if anything is being done to right the wrongs there? related to the workers?

  2. This is the absolute truth. I was in Dubai this year and had a chance to discuss with different taxi drivers from Pakistan and they confirmed what you just wrote. I also vowed nevet to go to Dubai again.

  3. Nothing can be done here as no NGO worth its weight in salt can do anything to change the situation. Expats must keep their heads down or leave - that is the sad reality of this place.


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