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Friday, 14 September 2012

President Kibaki :Do You Know the role of a government ?

A Government is a Public Institution (place or body) where basic fundamental needs of public interest (mandate) are logistically facilitated, evaluated, debated, processed, exercised and are executed through political legislative policy process (in a Parliamentary system) that provide guidelines or regulations to fairly administer and share for mutual common good of all under favorable (good) democratic principles of accepted governance by the majority public. Leaders of the Government are therefore formed and made through public consent, voting and through a referendum.
Test of times have taught us not to take Government services for granted. That Fundamentals of a Government deliberations is primarily rendering fair and balanced services to people without discrimination. Yes, Corporation are also people, and therefore all must pay fair share of taxes. Government is the backbone institution that provide a balance for livelihood and survival and it is the reason why public participate in how they wish to be governed. Governments are not for profit making commercial venture. To those who want to reduce Government powers to organize for checks and balances are wrong. A Government is a non-profit making but undertakes to deliver services for mutual benefit of all.
A Government official therefore, by virtue of employment, election, or through contracts; assumes or takes Government responsibility to direct, advice, commit, manage, execute, facilitate and supervise Government functionability to ascertain quality and efficiency in service delivery to public which must be seen as is done according to standards in a fairly and timely manner; and going by regulations as needed in dispensing of government services to avoid diversion and consequences of duplication, monopoly and discrepancies or conflict of interest.
Public (peoples) Affairs is balanced in the management of the Government system (as the Institution) and it requires a passionate leader with commitments, resilience, reliance and must have attributes to be Trusted. Good and disciplined personality traits is able to provide and shape character of Responsibility, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Checks and Balances in an impartial way while facilitating and distributing Government Revenue collectibles, finances, Bills, Bonds, loans, contracts, and in a satisfactory way while observing tenets of Rules and Regulations as per Policy enactment and Legal Justice requirements. At the end, public service delivery will be executed fairly in shared value where Government utilities or facilitating services benefit all favorably for common good of all and avoiding Human Rights violation, Abuse or committing crime against humanity in any form or fashion.
This human attitude if taken seriously is able to help build a much stronger and long lasting democracy in diversity which is able to exchange and share a much stronger bond on a relied Trust with Foreign Governments, the local community and business partners without fear or intimidation. It is believed this disciplined would bring about new hope in poverty reduction, will create more jobs opportunities through innovations and competition and will reduce monopoly and control from the most wealthy who take advantage of Government manipulation and control through their lobbyists. A Government therefore, cannot be run as a business for gamble. There are livelihood and survival which are at stake that cannot risk to be compromised.
Foreign Policies
These are Memorandum of agreements that are made on behalf of the people (public) by their Government Representatives in order to facilitate cooperation for business exchange at “Give and Take” principles; and also to make legal agreeable Framework for standards to be observed at the United Nations policy for governing activities facilitation for the international shared Partnership relations in collaborated interests for Mutually common interest for all.
When a nation is in a serious economic crisis, there is need for sacrifices by mostly everyone to get some amount for cuts to save economic crisis from collapse. This is not the time to put public trust in the leadership of Special Interest with suspected Conflict of Interest.
Public infrastructure benefits all (small and big, rich and poor) and is a necessity for common good of all.
Government Infrastructure is most fundamental and basic project structures needed for the success of facilitating the society Trading enterprises within a favorable good time frame, safely and secured under the commerce trading service regulatory requirement rendered within the structural aided interconnected transportation supporting framework management by the Government system. An infrastructure development monitored and services under good, reliable and responsible management regulatory system provides is a good balance for the success story of any business enterprising and is the backbone for progressive development.
For Peace to be realized all over the world, job creation for the jobless is a necessity. Terrorism and Pirating must be stopped and curtailed. New energy for safety and secured infrastructure is the new age investments. It is mostly important in this computer age to build ambitious enterprising opportunity on hope and Trust to capture a competitive improved future. We can achieve these goals but our political class (who form blockages in becoming barriers to progressive development of many) must turn to respect the needs of the people first to provide a balance and be able to improve the environment needed to prosper future advancements away from monopolistic attitude.
While the world has become a global village, it is focusing on the Emerging Markets with all the international competitors sharing the same platform and that must provide alignment for respective Nations to cooperate in order to improve the future where Everyone Must Play under the Same set of Rules…….
Government intervention over monopoly control will provide incentives to direct focus on engineering competition through innovative manufactures and industries and by improving education in science and mathematics, health, Internet, Information and Technology including securities, environment sciences, research and information; Cultural values for diversity, Agriculture and food technology and create market structures that provides incentives for expansion.
Reducing fiscal debt and diverting money from financing wars should go towards developing alternative energy infrastructure where this will allow break away from fiscal debts to build a more stable economic stability.
Compromising in Conflict of Interest is unacceptable
To succeed, it is a requirement that, legislatures “Play by the Rule” and must be able to facilitate what voters send them to do while in the business of .legislative Policy making. No leader must bank on Lies. It must be known that public office and public employment is given on “public trust” and any effort by any person in Public Office to realize personal gain (for greed) through officialdom other than as provided by law, commits an Abuse of office, or has natural consequences against employment rules and regulation, and that is a violation of that Public Trust. Therefore, public servants shall endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that they are likely to be engaged in acts that are in violation of Public Trust and which in the event, does not reflect favorably according to governments Rules and Regulations.
Where any Public Servant make use of public office for self interest or special interest for corruption and greed; business enterprise, franchise and for business trading in the event to profit in economic gains; legal jurisdiction must step in to remedy and engage to bring law and order. On the same vein, public corporations or institutions in this regard, public healthcare and public education for this instances must be under regulatory control and not for Profit making undertaking unless specified under different category. Private special business interests that are for profit making must not interfere with the Government institutional establishment for public.
"Intellectual property" theft means any conspiracy scheme with intention to commit theft or fraud unscrupulously is applied to public wealth resources irregularly or illegally are in many cases done under Conflict of Interest by Government employees with the elected legislatures who twist policies for greed and for individual interest gain. It is in this practice where government employees engage with the legislatures to collude, corrupt and conspire through abuse of public office to enrich themselves without due care for economic balance. It is where they open up for conflict of interest and commit irregular transfers of public wealth interest, resources and public finances are transferred to satisfy Special Interest using public securities, utilities and facilities. When Individual or private Interests for greed override public interest, problem begin to emerge because of lack of the balance. Political favors grow through educated elite lobbyists growing interest for under-cut. It is an easy way to create quick big money and build individual wealth, leaving the majority at crossroads with democratic principles. Public and community’s resources wealth; land, water with mineral resource is transferred to individuals’ account or to private businesses by the corrupt and greedy special interests. This ownership or transfers made in utilizing method, program, technique, pattern, etc., or any formula to steal public wealth, or acquire falsely without public consent or agreement are understood to be against ethics of the legislative policy requirement and is against the law to include the International Law of the United Nations policy agreement.
"Material financial interest"
This means that a public servant with motivated compound interest is able to engage directly or indirectly to conspire, influence and accumulate public wealth and resources for a specific individual, or for a group of special business interest in an illegitimate or in combination of traits with each other to commit fraud, transfer or theft of public finances, funds, bonds, bills or Public Revenue collectibles. Notwithstanding the material financial interest with respect to any special business interest with which a public servant employee may be in association to facilitate, execute and transfers of public wealth and resources and this require intervention of Government intervention for legal justice. Notable events are as those of Ponzi schemes, Pyramid scheme and Hedge Funding and because of the Rich affluence of greed with selfishiness and to evade TAXES and ripped public coffers most of their financial activities which thereafter contributed to the serious economic collapse.......If Wall Street was the Government in the control of the greedy rich, the Government would be no more by now. Control and discipline require level headed leader who is capable to inject policy order that are able to carb tradubg business behaviours from falling out of order but provide a balance and keep them in checks and balances.
Taxes and Revenues
Ownership of any business interest pay dues to Government in the form of taxes and this money help the government to facilitate its day to day programs thereby it is known as "Public funds" which means, it is money belonging to the government are distributed and used to facilitate Public Services, school programs, health, build bridges and roads, facilitate water distribution and services, police for security, …..
The difference between Business for Profit with those that are for Non-Profit undertaking:
A business or organization whose primary goal is for making profitable interest (for Profit) is contrast to a (not for profit, non-profit) organizations which focuses a goal such as of helping the community with less fortunate mostly disadvantaged persons, to join the society for progressive development. The Government services delivery to public with those of like Faith Based NGOs, the UN and with other individual Foundations, do render service to public with a minimum fee to keep it going and is without focus to profit making or to wealth creation. They are concerned with money only as much as is necessary to keep the organization operating efficiently. Most companies considered to be in day to day businesses enterprising are for profit organizations and they are required to pay fair share of taxes depending on the ratings of the size of their business. Non-Profit do not pay taxes as their business are not for profit but service to the disadvantaged or to the poor.
Public–private partnership
Public–private partnership (PPP) describes a government service or private business venture which is funded and operate through a partnership with Local Community or in a Government programs to public. These are mostly in the area of Community Agricultural Cooperative venture, Healthcare and research and in Education and sometimes the Armed Forces exchange program.
PPP involves a contract between a public sector authority and a private party, in which the private party provides a public service or project and assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the project. The regulatory trading policy in guiding principles provides for the security and protective measures in case of default to all those engaged in the business venture of “Give and Take”.
In some types of PPP, the cost of using the service is borne exclusively by users of the service and not by the taxpayer. In other instances (notably the private finance initiative), capital investment is made by the private sector on the strength of a contract with government to provide agreed services and the cost of providing the service is borne wholly or in part by the government according to the agreement made. Governments working with the private sector, cooperate in the provision of service delivery and infrastructure utilization through a variety of mechanisms including bond, contracts and concessions.
Government contributions to a PPP may also be in kind (notably the transfer of existing assets). In projects that are aimed at creating public goods like in the infrastructure sector, the government may provide a capital subsidy in the form of a one-time grant, so as to boost incentive for start-up or under economic duress to improve the private investors. In some other cases, the government may support the project by providing revenue subsidies, including tax breaks or by providing guaranteed annual revenues for a fixed period.
People, we must strive to elect  people who will offer services, leadership  and  be honestly serve the public honestly without conflicts of interests; and all shall be well with all of us.......
Cheers everybody....!!!

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