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Friday, 14 September 2012

Peace Revolution Fellowship in Thailand Apply.

We provide fellowship programs that are open to all young peace activists who believe that INNER PEACE + OUTER PEACE = SUSTAINABLE WORLD PEACE. The main venues are both in Thailand and in Europe.

Fellowship Program in Thailand

The fellowship in Thailand consists of 14 days of Inner Peace Retreat, which focuses on meditation, peace and Buddhist studies. Presently, the fellowship will take place at Mooktawan Sanctuary in an island at the southern part of Thailand. Participants will enjoy meditating in a serene and peaceful near-forest environment. Well, many people say it′s a celestial hideaway on Earth. Following video is taken from Global Peace on the Move V event at Mooktawan.
Global Peace on the Move V (Youth Fellowship in June 2011)

The Thailand fellowship includes:
  • full or partial sponsoring of airfare*,
  • free accommodation,
  • free catering,
  • free local transportation,
  • free meditation retreat fee.
* Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship. But to be eligible for the partial sponsoring of airfare, candidates must be between 18-30 years old.


  • Candidates should be 18-30 years old at the time of submitting the application in order to receive the airfare support.
  • Candidates must have completed 42 days of the online self-development program.
  • Candidates must have completed at least 1 ONLINE Special Ops.
  • Candidates have good proficiency in written and spoken English language.
  • Candidates should be optimistic, be open-minded, show leadership potential, and have a genuine interest in peace.
After completing the self-development program with Special Ops, the Peace Revolution selection committee will make an interview appointment based on your performance, available fund as well as group combination in each fellowship. There is no need to write a request for an interview. If you are qualified, we will contact you by ourselves.

Should you need more information about the fellowship programs in Thailand, please contact

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