Friday, 6 July 2012

How to Crack a Joke in Public

    "Once you get 'em laughing and their mouths open, you can stuff
    something in." ~ Frances Harvey Green

    Jokes are a great way to break the ice and establish rapport; however
    they can do just the opposite, can’t they? The points below could
    come in handy next time you take the plunge.

    Before the moment of delivery:

    Know your audience very well. This will help you to determine what is
    appropriate, and what to steer clear of. As they say, “Different
    strokes for different folks!”
    You can test-drive your anecdote privately and see if it elicits a
    good laugh or not. Share it in advance with a colleague, family or
    friends and gauge its impact.

    Harnessing the moment:

    Do not read your joke. You need to establish full eye contact with
    your audience – a solid connection. In any event, you should have
    internalised it well enough to deliver it ‘from the heart.’
    Do not warn your audience that you are about to unleash one. It’s
    funnier, if they do not see it coming.
    Do not start laughing before or during its delivery
    Ensure that you are clear and audible enough otherwise they miss it

    If your joke is successful:

    Do not laugh louder than your audience. Do not gloat and brag about
    your profound ‘gift of the gab’
    Do not appear unsure or surprised that you got them laughing
    Do not belabour the joke. Avoid elaborating and creating
    mini-versions of it.
    Allow them to laugh sufficiently, then speak on

    If your joke flops:

    Do not attempt to explain it to them
    Do not repeat it or offer to fix it with another joke
    Do not get angry at your audience for not laughing
    Even if you think it, do not audibly question their intelligence
    Do not air your frustration “You people did not get that, serious,
    nobody smart enough to get it, seriously? Maybe it will dawn on you
    Take it in your stride, maintain your composure and speak on

    Whatever happens, do not stop cracking jokes all together. Keep
    cultivating a healthy sense of humour. With practice you will sharpen
    this potent skill, and use it with all its valour!

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