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Monday, 4 June 2012

Kenya 49 Years:We have not learn from Colonialism

Dear President Kibaki.

Subject: Why Should We Be Wary Of China

  If Kenya has learnt anything in the last 50 years since the British left,
 surely they would have learned the dangers of imperial powers. And what is
 China but an Imperial power? Apparently, Kenya is now more impressed by
 China than the West and can 'snub' Old Europe as, according to your article,
 Kenya does not need them any more. She has NEW friends. But look at the
 nature of the most powerful of these new friends.
 1. How China treats her conquered nations - like Mongolia and Tibet.

 2. How China corrupts politicians in power to get her way - such that the
 people remain impoverished.

 3. How China builds the big Presidential palaces, hotels and roads to access
 resources. and when they build a place, no African is in charge of a Chinese
 4. How China makes corrupted agreements with countries and has hoovered up the fishing grounds of Africa to feed its people - not Africans. Now Africa's fishing grounds are being destroyed.
5. How China is behaving in Angloa where it has emigrated thousands of its people (many say that Chinese convicts are sent to Angloa) and these people are taking all the jobs and building businesses while the locals lose out.
 6. The Chinese don't care with whom they deal:- shipping arms to Zimbabwe when the country was facing civil war? - no problem. - Supporting Sudan's military might to fight in Dafur and continue human rights abuses? - no problem for China.etc. A recent article about China said, 'China's relations are acquisitive – buy up raw materials from Africa, Australia, Middle-east and Latin America while trying to obtain technology from the West and Japan.....' and 'as ideologydies in China, materialist is rampant....corrupti on is a constant sore.' Is this really something to be proud of in Kenya?
Thank You,looking forward towards meeting you in a hague Court or during a revolution.

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