Sunday, 30 September 2018

Sir Mohinder Dhillon Autobiograhy:: World Presidents Must Read Book.

Greeting friends and comrades.

Today Sunday, 30th there is an amazing and a very rich historical epic autobiography by a Kenya renowned Camera and Film Producer. Sir Mohinder Dhillon.

 Its my sincerest hope that this episode will change Kenyans lives for the betterment.

I wish to confess that, to me Sir Mohinder Dhillon is more than a mentor and a father figure to me.

Sir Mohinder Dhillon reflections are captured vividly in the book titled” My Camera, My Life” which is currently found at TEXT BOOK CENTER,SARIT CENTER and at BOOKFIRST YAYA CENTER. Going for a Ksh 4500.
A glimpse of this inspiring book gives you insights on first hand experiences of Camera Man during Pan Africa Countries Struggles.

The bulk book is in a 3  Sub-book captures different  social ,political and economic aspects of Africa Countries, Europe and America, India Historical background in Kenya and Asia during second world war.Mau Mau Uprising,Safari Rally.

In Ethiopia,the lifestyle of Haille Sallassie, in Jubille Palace, his leadership to his death, I advise all  adherents of Rasta and Jamaicans to get a copy, he narrates how he managed to capture films of 1984 Ethiopia Famine, the films and photos from that famine led the world to contribute towards that calamity, thus how the late Micheal Jackson sang we are the World theme Song among other world Celebrities. He narrates of Kashmir Wars Aden War, Afghanistan War, Ethiopia wars within itself,the oromo wars/ massacres Ogaden Wars,FRELIMO Wars.
He captures the mercenaries war in Bukavu and in Bunjubura the mineral rich never ending wars.

The Rwanda Maasacre,Leopord Congo Ville Wars, His views on Army mutiny- in East Africa Countries, during Obote,Idi Amin Dada,Entebee Air Raid,in Tanzania-Karume Abeid Amani, Kabila ,Laurent Desire,Joseph Desire,Kaunda Kenneth,Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,Mobutu Sese Seko,Museveni Yoweri,Bob Mugabe.

He connects how British came up with Africa independence political parties names,KANU-Kenya Africa National Union-Kenya. ZANU-Zimbabwe African National Union. TANU, How South Africa achieved independence in 1962.How a majority of Africa Countries got their independence in 1960-1964

How Proffessor Wangai Maathai rose to fame, how they worked overnight , the wisdom and knowledge he learnt on Environmental front. How he captured the America-Korean War, phnom penh Viet Cog war,how chemical Orage was used to annihilate the communities and bigger swathe of  land across Vietnam become barren,how vietnam government come up with mitigate measure of the chemical, he points out the Khomeini Ayattola Ruhollah

His views in Pakistan,India,the Bhuttos Familie and political base.In Africa Joseph Kasambuvu
Its inspiring on how he was able to film Commedian, Charlie Chaplin in a holiday in Kenya, how in real life Mr.Chaplin was  he captures the Kenya shifta war.

His filming Pope, John Paul ii ,

During President Uhuru birth, the photo and how the security cordon off the hospital, in as much we  had not achieved independence, to date  this contradiction has never been addressed.

He narrates how deferent religion and different ideologies have evolved over the years,to understand Asia Community in Kenya,this is a must read book for all,to understand Rasta connection with Ethiopia Othodox Church,to understand Sikh religion or to understand the war between Pakistan and India,Kashmir  and how the name Muthurwa in Nairobi was realized, its amazing that there existed a place with the same name in border between India and Pakistan.The original name “Mithra” is a Godess name, which  means “to make convenant with”

In Kenya,learn about the activities and death of Kariuki, Josiah Mwangi,Pio Gama Pinto,Muliro Masinde,Murumbi Joseph among othersThe 1998 Bomblast in Kenya and Tanzania,the first responders

His views on East African Railways and Habours Cooperation, He narrates of Muhammad Ali  Boxing in Congo, tittled Rumble in the Jungle,his friendship and business struggle with the Late Mohammed Amin whom perished in an Ethiopian Airways after terrorist hijacked the plane.

After reading and re-reading this book, I requested President Obama during 2nd Tour of Africa I twitted he read this book. Its my deepest believe that this book will one day be produced into a real life series movie.

Thank You.
Patrick Kamotho
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