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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Famous URL Shortening Websites

Famous URL Shortening Websites

We discussed why you should shorten your long URLs and things to be aware of before clicking such URLs. After knowing much about it, let's see which websites we should use in order to create short URLs. There are numerous URL shortening websites offering you many features beside shortening the long URLs, but below are the websites which are quite famous because of their free and quality services. Give it a try and then use any one of them for your future works. (well you can use as many you want but I recommend to stick with any one).

Note: These websites are not arranged in any order. Secondly, in this article I am just referring you the names of best URL shortening websites. But in future article we will see how to create short URLs using some of these websites.

Best And Famous URL Shortening Websites


2. TinyURL

3. bitly 
4. Krunchd

Last Words

Shorten URLs are great but many people are misusing the feature. However, there are ways to identify the websites hidden in the shorten URLs, which we will discuss in the next post.

Have you ever used shorten URL service before? Which URL shortening website is your favorite one? Do share your comments / suggestions at below page commenting section.

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