Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Support for fresher Governors

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Citizens Pathway:
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Understanding the critical role of Kenya’s upcoming Governors, and
realising that we may get a wide spectrum of calibre and experience, we
need to fast-track anything we can think of to support people in these
new positions. As we agreed, Citizens Pathway doesn’t have capacity to
do this, so we need to circulate to those who can. So here is an idea
description in a nutshell that we can share with relevant organizations
that have capacity:____
__ __
*Guidance for Fresher Governors Concept____*

*Rationale: ____*

__·__Kenya’s new Governors will be the first ever, taking on tremendous
responsibility with paltry resources and challenging local government
histories (i.e. dysfunctional systems and retrogressive cultures). Some
of the Governors may have what it takes to hit the ground running, but
the majority may find it hard going. ____

__·__So the business and management community have a unique opportunity
to contribute to Governors setting off on a strong note through
carefully targeted support.____

__·__The new Governors will essentially have a major change management
task on their hands and need insights from seasoned management
professionals, corporate leaders, etc on how to approach their work.____
__ __
*What: ____*

__·__A guidance document for governor-elects on *critical success
factors* for running the county well in terms of administration,
management and leadership. ____

__·__Focus on the broad approaches (rather than the details – others may
do that) that have proven to work in Kenya. ____

__·__A concise document perhaps targeting their first 3 months or first
one year – essentially like a draft plan of work for a leader/change
__ __
*How: ____*

__·__Gathering the content could take a workshop or media event/series
involving highly credible sources of knowledge and skill, with
structured facilitation to ensure that key guidance points emerge. ____

__·__It may be necessary to first assess needs based on the publicly
available information on the gubernatorial candidates.____
__ __
*Suggested timeline and dissemination: ____*

__·__It would be great if each Governor-elect could receive this within
the first week after elections. ____

__·__Preferably, the mode of delivery would ensure that it is not just
one of the documents they can throw away. ____

__·__Participating organizations and other stakeholders could make the
document available on their websites.____
__ __
Thanks and regards,____

Ory Okolloh <ookolloh@gmail.com>

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