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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Africa Knowledge Centre: Sustainable Development

Agroforestry & Conservation Agriculture
• Bio-carbon opportunities in east & southern Africa, FAO, 2009 Adobe PDF
• Creating Evergreen Agriculture in Africa, ICRAF, 2009 Adobe PDF
• World Agroforestry Centre (
• Conservation Agriculture @ FAO (

Integrated Food & Energy Systems
• Integrated Food and Energy Systems, FAO, 2010 Adobe PDF
• Perspective: A new hope for Africa, Nature, 2011
• IFES @ FAO (
• Climate-Smart Agriculture @ FAO

Clean Cookstoves
• Cookstoves and Markets,
Global Village Energy Partnership, 2009 Adobe PDF
• Cookstoves and Obstacles to Technology Adoption by the Poor,
Stanford University, 2009 Adobe PDF
• Will African Consumers buy Cleaner Fuels and Stoves,
Stockholm Environment Institute, 2011 Adobe PDF
• Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (

Base of the Pyramid (BoP) Business
• Energize the BoP, Endeva, 2011 Adobe PDF
• (
• Base of the Pyramid Protocol (
• Inclusive Business (
• Enterprise for a Sustainable World (
• Base of the Pyramid Distribution Challenge Adobe PDF

Indoor Air Pollution
• Fuel for Life, World Health Organisation, 2006 Adobe PDF
• Indoor Air Pollution, World Bank Adobe PDF
• Health in the Green Economy, World Health Organisation, 2011 Adobe PDF
• Indoor Air Pollution @ World Health Organisation

Energy Access and Energy Poverty
• Energy Access Situation in Developing Countries, UNDP, 2009 Adobe PDF
• Powerpoint Summary of UNDP Energy Access report, 2009 Adobe PDF
• Energy Poverty, International Energy Agency, 2010 Adobe PDF

• Country Report: Mozambique, Economist Intelligence Unit, 2010 Adobe PDF

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